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Puppies and Cabin Life!

Every day is a new adventure for the puppies – they love going outside, running around, and even swimming!

They are great travelers – no whining in the kennel in the car and at night- couldn’t believe they slept in until 8:30 on Sunday – not a peep.

In the puppy ring pretty much morning until night, with running around adventures throughout the day.

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And they’re Off!

Puppies 6 Weeks Old, and on the move…

Cabin this weekend for first swimming lessons!

One liver boy to place – call Chris for more info and to reserve – 612-669-6388

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Puppy Explorers – out and about at 5 weeks!

Puppies are 5 weeks old and very busy –

Still looking for a home for sweet baby “Shaggy” smaller liver boy, or we may have to keep him…

Contact Chris for more info – 612-669-6388

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Puppy Playmates!

Puppies had some fun friends over today – running around pretty well now at 4 weeks old!

1 boy is still “homeless” looking for someone to claim him.

Contact Chris @ 612-669-6388

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…and they’re outside!

Set up the outside puppy pen this weekend – here is their first trip out to explore.

4 weeks old on Wed and growing up fast!

1 boy still available – contact Chris – or 612-669-6388 for details

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Puppies – first trip to the cabin!

Fun weekend for the grandkids – Fishing, Swimming and PUPPIES!!
3 weeks old today – eyes and ears open now, starting to amble around.

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2 boys still available – contact Chris for more info: 612-669-6388 –

Open Eyes and on the Move!

Puppies eyes opened this week – and they are on the move!

2 Males still available – contact Chris @ 612-669-6388 –

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