RIP Blaze – 9/26/03 – 06/22/17

Blaze and puppies

Blaze lived life on her own terms, and she decided it was time to go today.

She was a good hunter, great nose, awesome retriever – like her siblings Dobie and Elvis – but sometimes she’d play – sometimes not.

Blaze has several Amateur Field Trial placements and her Senior Hunt test title – although for the water retrieve she was furious that someone had a dead bird in hand, threw it into the water, and somehow it was her job to retrieve it!

What Blaze did best was puppies. She was the best Mom, and how she she loved her puppies. She played with them up until they left for their new homes at 7 or 8 weeks old. From 2006 to 2010 she gave us Cada, Marlo, Chloe, Kojak, Sassy, Skye, Minnie, Bentley, Zena, Maizie, Clara, Fergie, Jordie, Colt, Charger, Murphy, and many many others.

Rest in Peace Blazerama:)

Chris and John Dartt




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  1. Posted by Rod and Angie Hood on June 22, 2017 at 22:01

    Our deepest condolences at the passing of Blaze– a member of the large family of great Dartt dogs and a great dog herself. Snoopy Chuck Walker Texas Ranger Dartt Hood and Lulu Jo Dartt Hood, and we other Hoods, toast Blaze’s life today. We’re sure she’ll get a nice spot overlooking land and birds to rest in peace.

    The Hoods


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