Puppie’s Cabin Fun!!

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  1. Posted by Arnie McLain on January 25, 2015 at 09:58

    Looking for a medium size female, Between a cocker & springer size.,tri-color liver/white/light brown… ( like the feathers on liver color springers) I’ve duck hunted over a waterspanial, years ago, & that dog had no guit. Some blind retrieves 1/2 hr. But never came back w/o… waterspanials isn’t what looken for.I’ve heard theres a new breed. Have you? If so, please give a passed English Springer Spanial 17 yr. Vetran, pass chessy/lab 10 yr. Vet..SAID AFTER THOSE TWO IF I EVER GET ANOTHER COMPANION ITS GOING TO OUT-LIVE ME.. THEY BROKE MY HEART WORSE THAN THE LOVE OF MY LIFE WIFE DID WHEN SHE LEFT… I’m 62 now & think its time to get the new love of my life. Don’t know how long I can hunt or live, but I’ll give it hell !!! So see what you guys can do for an old retirez, WANTABE DUCK HUNTER!!!!


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