Cada and Penny – April puppies

Cada Puppies are here April 1 !! 2 Black girls with white chests- one with cute white toes. Pictures coming soon…

(3 girls and one boy tentatively spoken for so far – not sure which litters – or what Penny will have on the 18th)

***Scrambling to leave for the Montana Field Trial on Thursday 4/10 – back on the 15th**

Both Cada and Penny are bred to Mars – AD on Fieldcockers:

Mars is a 3 year old black 31 lb Male, who competed well in puppy with wins or placements in all events entered. Awesome pedigree with lineage back to several champions – a real pounder, spot on retriever, great nose, and despite all that power is the sweetest boy I have ever had – everybody loves Mars!

Cada/Mars: Born April 1st – 2 black girls

Cada is a 4 year old black Blaze, SH/CFC Max who won a ticket to the National with a 4th place in a very competitive Open Stake Fall. She is fast, and runs a great pattern -incredible nose, fast tracker, and spot-on retriever – reminds me of uncle Dobie:) Very calm temperament – “princess” in the house and driven in the field.

Penny/Mars: taking reservations – due April 18th

Penny is a 6 year old golden CFC Max/Danny – a petite 23# package who is all muscle and busy, busy, busy. She would retrieve 24/7 if you’d toss for her! Ran several hunt tests and wild hunted last fall – great nose, spot on fly-through-the air retriever – really exciting!

Please contact Chris Dartt @ 763-689-9626  or for more info and to reserve your place in line for your Spring puppy!

Our puppies are born and raised in the house, extremely well socialized here and also travel with us to meet new friends at a very young age.

**Many references**

(first come – first served)


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