AFC Fallen Wing’s Grasshopper, MH (Dobie) 4/7/02 – 10/19/12

Everything Dobie did was fast. He blasted into the puppy stake in Canada 5 weeks after we sent him partially steadied to trainer Marty Knibbs at 13 months old – and won.

And who can forget the spring trial in North Dakota comment from Rick Thibault –  “I wouldn’t say he was running big, but last time he went by he had Viva La France stickers on his ass”, or the woods series in Wisconsin when he flew through the air from tree to tree with me a-whistling dixie the entire time, or the sucker bird in the WI woods when he flew past Mike the bird planter – “I thought it was a deer, but it was Dobie.”

My best and proudest memory is his Open Win in Montana.  2nd bird in the 3rd series – the flush – great find by Dobie – the shot – second barrel by Chris Maxcy wayyyyyyyyyyyyy into the woods – the tap – by David Jones – the gasp – by Sue Neville – “I can’t believe you sent on that!!” the grunt – of Dobie coming back with his bird – the ahhh- of the gallery as Dobie paraded past them to bring in his retrieve.

Dobie was one of kind with fans from coast to coast and north (Dobie, eh?) to south.  He was our first puppy out of our beloved Cricket and we knew he was special from day one when he was dubbed “the Doberman”.

Marty adored Dobie, and took him across Canada with win after win in the puppy and limit stakes before handing us the reins where we did the same.  He was an awesome bird finder, lightning fast, and had his “signature spin” – flushing his bird and turning in a circle to screw himself into the ground. He definitely had  that “wow” factor – everybody knew Dobie.

Dobie had his AFC title, his open win (in Montana) and 2 points shy of his FC, and his MH title.  And he had his fan club of course.

Many thanks to Rumi Schroeder for hauling him out east to get him qualified so I could run him in the 2011 NCC, and to Julie Wallace for taking those awesome pictures of his NCC second series run which I will cherish forever.

I am so thankful that we decided run Dobie this Spring in Montana.  He had lost a step since his bout with lymes in 2009, but how fitting that he got to run his last trial under his friend and trainer Marty Knibbs.  That memory, and the toast to Dobie’s retirement are priceless.

He went quickly, as was his habit, and though he is sorely missed is at rest next to his Dad Cricket.

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3 responses to this post.

  1. So many hugs coming your way! What a champ.


  2. Posted by Barbara Beck on October 19, 2012 at 17:50

    He was beautiful boy. Thanks for sharing.


  3. Posted by Steve Lemanski on October 20, 2012 at 04:24

    Chris so sorry for your loss, he was a fine young man, boy does my “JHAEDA” look like him.


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