Summer/Fall Fun!

Just finished up the last of the Cocker Trials, and have some pictures of Hunt Tests, Field Trials, and a first hunt sent by proud puppy owners.

Our Mars got 2 first places and 2 third places in the puppy stake in 4 tries – and 3 senior hunter legs in 4 tries

Our Cada skipped puppy and went into the All Age and finished 2 third series her first season – also 4 senior hunter legs in 4 tries!!

Also pictured are “Dusty” 6 month old Marlo/Spencer puppy with his first grouse and pheasant, and his sister Lola with her new owner Mike Wallace.

**Just added “Smoke” with his grouse and woodcock!

**Just added “Kirby” – from Nadine – He loves shake-n-bake and quarters naturally!!

Quite the year so far – and hunting in Minnesota has just opened!


PS – puppy and dog owners – send me your pictures and I will post them!!!

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  1. Posted by Phil Yeager on November 2, 2012 at 06:45

    Your dogs are magnificent. You obviously love them and it shows. You’re not just a puppy factory and have a wonderful reputation. I’m just getting back into upland hunting and want to have an English Cocker hunter trained next summer that I can continue to train. (I’ve never trained a bird dog before so I may need some help!!) More than that we want a wonderful companion dog to love. I’ll be back in touch with you, but if you could let me know what litters you might have planned, I would appreciate it . i live in Sauk Rapids.
    Phil Yeager
    616 River Ave. S.
    Sauk Rapids, MN. 56379
    Cell 303-748-9136


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