And then there were none- New Owners and Puppies

All puppies have gone to their new owners – Brutus and Jack in Minnesota, Jade to Wisconsin and Chica to Iowa – see photos of new owners and “friends”.

Next up – Marlo puppies in the Spring!

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  1. Posted by Steve Lemanski on January 16, 2012 at 20:47

    such wonderful pups, I’m so glad “Jack” got a home, miss ” Darttwoods Jhaeda De FLTWD” alis “Jade” is fitting in quite well here in W.I. and is now playing with the big dogs. although because of the size difference I worry she might get hurt they are very loving and gentle with her and she is very fiesty. Chris and John have great dogs and are a wonderful couple I look forward to hopefully seeing then at a couple of the trials this year. Thanks again Chris and John for the great pup hope to make her all she can be Steve @ FLTWD


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